QGvNeaRDTfeQGZ8pHnAa3Akn2HJ121ov7c-KJeX0bdoWelcome to Phos Toni’s Page.

Phos Toni is a huge fan of Electro Swing and Balkan House sounds – and in his case, there is actually more to that than just music nerdism.
“My parents are from the northern part of Greece and I was more or less forced to listen to music from that area since I was a kid. I used to hate this stuff when I was younger, but today I think that some of this is actually quite cool. For example, I like some traditional Pontic dance music like Serra or the dance that was performed for the Olympics in 2004. I also have a few songs on vinyl, and I do want to play around with that material and create some cool remixes.”

Phos Toni lives in Wiesbaden (Germany), and besides Balkan music, the Techno clubs of nearby Frankfurt have been a strong influence for him.

“I bought my first vinyl records when I was 13 years old. I didn’t even have turntables then, but I was simply fascinated from I heard about Techno clubs like Dorian Grey or Omen. Later, I tried to combine traditional Greek music with hard Techno. My first experiments really sucked, but I still like the idea. Today, I would even consider Balken House a genre of its own, and I am a big fan of this. It’s quite close to Electro Swing, which is also very cool.”

The next chance to hear Phos Toni will be the Balktantronika party at the Privatclub Berlin on December 4th, and he is very excited about this.

“It won’t be a huge party, but I am happy that I get to play my style there. What I really like about Berlin is that the event organizers and club owners are much more open there than in other cities. In many clubs, you just hear the same stuff that is played in 10 other clubs in the same city. For a city like Frankfurt that used to be one of the pioneering cities for electronic music in Germany, this is really a shame.”

„Interviewed and written by Marvis.

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