Best of 2010 – Swing TECH Mix



This is on of my favorite set this year 2010! Basically its nearly pure Electro-Swing with a fiew jazzy and housy moments. Just Enjoy it.

Phos Toni’s Best of Mix 2010 – Swing TECH by Phos Toni

120 Minutes Phos Toni Clubbing-summary.
Tracklist ready…

Real Time Hand Motion – Wattie Green
Wake Sally Baker – Wattie Green
Is You Is – Wattie Green
Hi De Ho – Wattie Green
Straighten Uo – Wattie Green .. who elese..
Fresh Start – Bigoulakis
Bob Speaks – Wattie Green.. again
Foxtrot – Isaac Fresco
Newclear – Wattie Green.. is everywhere
Mi Vida – Nutownproject
Yo Mama – South of Roosevelt
Everybody Loves (Vocal Mix) – South of Roosevelt
Pa Pa Baila – Mr. Enzo Siffredi
Acqua E Sapone – Enzo Siffredi (Awesomeness-nominated in 3 categories)
Italo Gypsy – Enzo Sffredi
I Don’t Care – Not Rocco but Enzo Siffredi… is Porn too.
Candyshock – Eulenhaupt and Mollenhauer
Why Dont You – Gramophonedzie ….. One of the big Hymns 2010
Happy people ( Bernasconi and Farenthide club mix) – Max Farenthide
Sing Sing Sing 2010 Remixes (Ezo Siffredi Edit) – Jazzbit
Libella Swing – Parov Stelar
Watties Dream – Wattie Green… i already started missing him
Sing With a Swing – DKS
Hotel Axos – Parov Stelar
Copper Dances( Dennis Naidanow Copper Edit) – Junior & Dee
Cut to the Top feat. Reverend Beat-Man – Reverend Beat-Man & Round Table Knights
That Accordion (Ron Reeser and Dan Sanez Ganzo Mix) – The Hot Italian
Boum (Criminal Hot Mix) – Criminal Vibes
Boom – South of Roosevelt
Musik (Bastard Boys Mix) – Wasabi…ya finaly hit the wrong Track.. but thtes Life :)
Elon – Jazzy Caravan feat. Oneboy
Nina Papa (Andy Kohlmann Remix) – Pizeta
Unknown Title – some unknown, nobody’s promo.

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