Electro Swing sweeps Europe – Euromaxx News



Electro Swing sweeps Europe – Euromaxx News


Euromaxx News covers the electro swing phenomena sweeping Europe’s hippest clubs. Filmed in Berlin in March 2013 with White Mink (UK) and hosts Electro Swing Revolution (Germany), this is mainstream news on an emerging scene broadcast to ex-pat Germans via Satellite and Digital TV…

The feature includes interviews with DJ Nick Hollywood White Mink, Wolfram Guddat and Johannes Heretsch Electro Swing Revolution with performances from Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Odjbox & Pierre and a Swing Patrol Lindy Hop class at Berlin’s Astra club.

Music includes: Parov Stelar, Kormac and more.

Production copyright Euromaxx 2013.
All music used is owned by the respective rights holders.“


thank you Freshly Squeezed for the upload so far.. It’s always good to have your youtube-channel subscribed.. 😉



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