Swing That Vinyl Vol. 10



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Often house-music has to be „fresh, exclusive“ and  be in comon club-standards. But not in this mix-series. While i was unboxing some new records i ordered, i realized, that it had passed 20 years since i bought my first vinyl (Emanuel Top – Turkish Bazar). Gosh,i am getting to old for this shit 😉 – I put the record on the decks and recognized, that this track is still awesome!

I decided to put in this mix some great classics. The advanced house-lovers will immediately recognize the tracks 😉 – i think they matched very well in the new generation house-tracks. great music is timeless…

I played house, electroswing & techhouse only by original bought vinyls. Thanks for listening and ….


1) Kink – Existence !!!!!
2) Phos Toni – Bye Bye Baby (Wolfgang Lohr Mix)
3) Leander Janik & Lilli – Papaya (Arts & Leni Mix)
4) Parov Stelar – Diamonds
5) The Chosen Two – The Herbsman
6) Enzo Siffredi – Clown Story
7) Enzo Siffredi – Les Petits Poissons
8) Superflu – Senamuun
9) Arts & Leni – Jazzy Woodwinds
10) Jamie Lewis feat Michelle Weeks – Be thankful (Main mix)
11) Florence & Tito – Tito A2
12) Dompe – Please Don’t Go
13) Dompe – Get Cool
14) Raumakustik – Vollkorn Locke
15) Daniel Steinberg – Man At Work
16) Tube & Berger – Surfin (Andhim Remix)
17) Dayne S – Rolling Stone


Merry Christmas

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