The Closer Look on Marc Phantastic



I would like to introduce you to a gifted DJ and producer from Wiesbaden that I met a few days ago.

His name is Marc Phantastic and he is one of Rhein-Main old school, high quality Vinyl-Disc jockey. He started producing tracks a few years ago. In 2009 found the Digital Night Music Label ( and started publishing his own tracks, as well as the ones from young and talented artists all over the world.

I was totally impressed by his enormous collection when I met him a few days ago. He supplied me with 30 of his produced tracks that I was supposed to check out.

When I started to listen to them the next day, I decided to mix them right away instead of only clicking through the play-list. That was in fact an amazing thing as I could just pick random tracks from the HDD and load them on to the Decks to play. The results no matter what combination seemed to match perfectly.

His style is nice UK-Deephouse/Tech-Style reminding me London sound in the 90s (some kind of Dave Clarke’s red present#2). The format, structure and length of these tracks are perfect to mix with vinyl. I had an amazing time mixing this set. In the end the set wasn’t even made up of all given tracks but I could have continued mixing this crazy shit all day long.

However, enjoy it just like I did. The tracks by Marc Phantastic are my big tip for you.

PHANTASTIC – mixed by Phos Toni by Phos Toni

Do NOT click through the set. it might seem to bee boring in the beginning, but the tracks are telling a beautiful story in case the way i mixed it. So take you time to entertain your self for the next t

1988 rmx – Marc Phantastic
Alpha one – Marc Phantastic
Wir machen es so (Marc Phantastic rmx) – Nico Pusch
Amenety – Marc Phantastic
Be Water – Marc Phantastic
Cam you dig it Macki – Marc Phantastic
Cardiac Defect rmx – Marc Phantastic
Andriod – Marc Phantastic
Delight – Marc Phantastic
Madness – Marc Phantastic
Feel it – Marc Phantastic
Ninja – March Phantastic
The Vibe – Marc Phantastic
Over the hills (Marc Phantastic mix) – ThE AsSocIaTIoN / Released on DNM 4
Dritter 2010 – Marc Phantastic
Fuse JaM Acid Master – Marc Phantastic
Shake Your Booty (Marc Phantastic mix) – KC & The Sunshine Band
Keep the Groove – Marc Phantastic
LSD Extended – Marc Phantastic
Elektronische Musik hilft – Marc Phantastic
Demo svEN DORPHINe – Marc Phantastic
You and I (Marc Phantastic rework) – TkY

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