Tiger Rag Podcast #20



phos toni tiger rag

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It’s a honnor to be a part of the Tiger Rag Podcast Series!

The Tiger Rag Club is a electronic music party-series including vintage soundelements from the twenties to the seventies. Partys are organised in the german cities Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Berlin and the famous german Electro-swing Festival „Tiger Rag Festival“ is internationally known in this scene.

Great artists like Arts&Leni, Enzo Siffredi, The Chosen Two, Tony Maroni, Madame Summit, Mano Meter, Kiwistar, #root.access, C2Datei, vassili gemini, Jonalisa, MR.WooxNeedles MusikNikola Vujicic, Ray Hoffmann, Hopfen und Malz, The Swing Bot, Herrenschnitt, shemian … and many more, allready played for the Tiger Rag Club!

So i gave my very best and made that Vinyl-Mixtape for my friends:

I guess the playlist will updatet soon! Enjoy it…

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